3. The Next Three Chapters Are Set in the 1830s Bush For No Reason But Then We’ll Be Back to This 1970s University Women’s Studies Department


13. Sex Farm Woman: All of These Albertan Crops Are Metaphors For My Empty, Yearning Vagina


22. It Doesn’t Really Matter, You Can Tell By the Emily Carr Painting on the Cover That This Novel Is Important

oh my god

Cumulus Consonance Study 1 by Scott Naismith

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G. Kero - Bowie Shirt

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Album Art


The Doobie Brothers / What a Fool Believes

I grew up hating Michael McDonald but I’ve a really soft-spot for this song.

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Played 2733 times.

I was almost in tears laughing when this happened.

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'Twas a fine day at ye olde Paradise Mini Golf & Bumper Boats (aka Villa LaFauci).